Our mission is to improve professional learning and knowledge sharing in and across civil society organizations through programming, research, and services, particularly in the education sector. Offering programs on the Carey Institute for Global Good’s historic 100-acre campus and online on our social learning platform, we leverage the best of physical and virtual spaces to advance this work.

We are facing a global crisis in preparing and supporting educators.

Results from the OECD 2009 Teaching and Learning International Survey of 23 countries finds an urgent need for the “creation of ‘knowledge-rich’, evidence-based education systems, in which school leaders and teachers act as a professional community with the authority to act, the necessary information to do so wisely, and the access to effective support systems to assist them in implementing change.”

New practice-based strategies for knowledge sharing are critical.

“Knowledge exchange, or peer-to-peer learning, is a powerful way to share, replicate, and scale up what works… practitioners want to learn from the practical experience of others who have gone through, or are going through, similar problems. They want to be connected to each other and have ready access to knowledge and solutions…”
– The Art of Knowledge Exchange, The World Bank